READYVILLE, Tenn.Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — CLIP Software has been family owned and operated for over 30 years. Your success is our passion. We prove this by providing industry-leading tools that will help lawn care professionals become more successful in the green industry.

The newly redesigned CLIPitc App has been built to minimize a lawn care professional’s time in the office and keep them in the field. Here are some of the other upgrades from the original app:

  • Set Up and Optimize Routes – You can now get work for the day, set up, and optimize routes, all in the app.
  • Real-time Weather Reporting – Using the DarkSky API, the new CLIPitc app will automatically report weather conditions.
  • Customer Contact and To-Dos – The app can now be updated, real-time with to-do items and with the correct permissions, crew members can see details such as customer balance and contact info.
  • Fully Translates to Spanish Language – A first for the green industry, the new CLIPitc app can be translated in its entirety to Spanish. All of the functions and screens will read in the language the user’s chosen.
  • Get work in the field – Load work into your workbank directly from the app.
  • Finalize Jobs – No more waiting until you get back to the office. Finalize in the app and then all you have left is to invoice from CLIPitc.
  • Last Visit and Customer Balance – Need your guys to collect payment in the field? Now the CLIPitc app will show them work that’s been done and what your customer owes.
  • Add a job to a customer – If you’ve done a job previously for a customer and they request it done while you’re on-site, you can add it immediately to your workbank.

The work on the app isn’t finished. In the coming months, we will announce a handful of new features that will continue to make the CLIPitc app the go-to application for Lawn Maintenance Daily Operations.

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To see the app in action, follow this link.

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