It may not feel like it but the spring madness is getting ready to slow down but it is. And that’s a perfect time to iron out your systems and focus on your profits as the season rolls on.

Knowing your employee efficiency, man hour ratings, and revenue reports can make a world of difference in your end of the year profit statement!

CLIP can make it easy to do as long as you track your numbers. If you don’t track them, you need to. It’s the only way to grow your business.

Whether you’re new to CLIP, or an old hat, we thought it might be time to remind you how much CLIP can do at its full potential.

The Benefits Of CLIPitc

There are some features in CLIP that are included with the base subscription that you may not be using to their fullest extent.

Routing: It takes less than 5 minutes to route your customers, and you can pick exactly what route you want to optimize based on crews, dates, or jobs! Then if you want to tweak it around, just drag and drop the property to another location in the route with the click of a mouse. This is all powered by Google Maps so you can begin navigating to the job straight from the app.

Customers: You can track all of your notes, property information, and routing needs for all of your customers.

This makes it easy to service all of your customer’s properties. CLIPitc makes it so that everyone in the office and on the route gives each of your customers the best service possible.

Additional Users: Having more than one user lets you customize which users in the office have access to the different parts of CLIP. And as of Jan. 2018, they’re only a flat $20 a piece.

Are you training a new person in the office? Make sure they can’t delete properties or customers by accident.

Do you want to have more than one person using CLIP at one time?

Would it help you to decide how much access each of your employees have to CLIP?

All these reasons and more are why it’s great to have a multi-user function in CLIP.

CLIPitc app: The CLIPitc app makes it easy to log your routes without paper. You can save about 25 hours a week by merely eliminating paper. As soon as the job is done in the app, it’s available to finalize in CLIPitc.

We’ve made a TON of changes since CLIPitc was launched. Have you checked it out lately? We have a 30 day, no risk, free trial available.

If you’ve tried it, check it out again, we promise you’ll like it.

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your CLIP Subscription? 1

The Everyday Potential of CLIP

Organizing your company: 

Automatic reminders and email alerts – You can set it for specific days and times, and with multiple users, you can even assign them to specific managers, crew members or office employees!

Detailed history – It’s all there, from outstanding invoices, to how profitable each job was, to exactly which of your employees did that job.

Customer portal – Your customers can pay their bills, see past services, and send a note to the office. You can edit your customer portal to have the images, colors, and text font you want. You can even use some custom code if you know a little HTML.

Know your numbers

Job Costing: Know your profit margin on each job you do. Know which jobs to do more of, and which jobs to avoid.

Jobs by Revenue: Know which jobs are bringing in the most revenue, or the most profit. Know when to lower/raise your prices. Know which customers make you the most money and which ones cost you money.

Set your schedule

Tailored to the service: Mowing, landscaping, chemical applications, and snow plowing are just a few examples of services CLIP is tailored to help with.

Schedule it once: Automatic rescheduling — just set it up, then never think about it again!

Mobility: Apps for Apple and Android. Simple and easy for crews to handle. Track times on jobs and hours each crew member worked. One device per crew is all you need!

Reminders: Set customers up to get automatic reminders that you’re coming to their property or that you just finished the job.

Track your billing

Internal billing: Everything you need to send out invoices, record payments and know your numbers, all in the same program.

Syncing with QuickBooks: You don’t have to use CLIP as your accounting software. Link to any version of QuickBooks (Online or Desktop) seamlessly, without double entries.

Batch your payments: Autocharge multiple customers at once, or choose specific individuals.

Online payments: Customers can pay their bill online, and get a customizable, automatic confirmation. And it’s all fully integrated with Blue Pay/CardConnect.

If you need some help starting to use any of these features to their full potential send us an email at support@clip.com.

Your success is our passion!