You’ve been our customer for years, and for that, we’re incredibly grateful. A lot of you came from the original desktop software and have been in the fold since the late nineties or early two-thousands. Back in 2014, we released the “In The Cloud” version of CLIP into the wild. The idea was to allow everyone using CLIPxe to have access to CLIP from anywhere. Unfortunately, we didn’t achieve that goal, and the lack of features present in the early builds of CLIPitc made folks worry that CLIPitc may not be the platform evolution they’d hoped.

We’ve been listening and working hard on getting CLIPitc up to snuff. We know you’ve probably taken a look at CLIPitc before, but we think now is the right time to give it one more shot. Sign up for a 30-Day, No Risk-Free Trial here →

If you already tried it and want to try it again, just click the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen, and we’ll take care of that for you.

CLIPitc provides you with the tools to manage your business from anywhere. With in-depth reporting, seamless scheduling, and the added flexibility of the companion app, CLIPitc keeps you out of the office and lets you get back to what’s important.

Below we have provided some side-by-side comparisons that show how a function works in CLIPxe and how it works in CLIPitc. Hopefully, this will help you visualize how your day might look using CLIPitc.

Adding Customers In CLIPitc

The first video shows the different steps you have to take in CLIPxe to add a new customer. The second half of the video shows the streamlined interface in CLIPitc. You can even add new customers by using the “lead map.”


Are Patterns Handled Differently?

When it comes to patterns, you can set up three different types in both programs. Firstly is pattern customers that allow you to set up certain types of customers, usually based on location. The second type is pattern jobs, which are templated jobs you can assign to your customers. Lastly, pattern program is for chemical applications. The good news is, we’ll bring all of your patterns over from CLIPxe when you upgrade.

How To Assign Jobs To Customers

One of the most significant changes in assigning jobs to customers, as in most functions, is how streamlined the interface is. CLIPitc allows you the added benefit of now being able to calculate your man-hours right inside of the job.

Printing Route Sheets Is A Thing Of The Past

CLIPxe gave you a ton of control over how you optimize your routes. But printing and distributing them to your teams every day is time-consuming. Stop wasting valuable time each day and use the CLIPitc mobile app. You can add jobs and optimize your route while on the go. Of course, you still do have the option to print route sheets if you just feel more comfortable that way.

Recording Work In CLIPitc

Recording the work for the day can be a headache that you don’t need after a long day. By using the CLIPitc mobile app, all of the data is already there for you. You can add notes and make any necessary changes on the fly. After you’ve verified all the information, click on finalize, and you’re ready to invoice.

Taking Billing Into The 21st Century

While the steps you take for billing in both programs are similar, there is one huge addition. In CLIPitc, you now have the option to choose either paper invoices, or you can send the invoices by email. Many companies are moving to a paperless system for the environment and cost savings. Using the companion app for routing and emailing invoices is a massive step towards that goal.

Reporting Gives You The Power To See Your Business Grow

We’ve kept the two types of reporting in both programs, built-in and custom. You can draw from any of the data your business generates to build a report. Using the mobile app in CLIPitc allows you to skip all of the manual input, saving you time.

It’s Time To Look At CLIPitc Again

CLIPitc allows you the freedom to run your business how you want, and from anywhere you choose. With the addition of the companion app, you can save time and money by getting your crews on the road quicker. Using the app will also help you cut down on clerical errors, as your crews will be recording their jobs in real-time. From assigning jobs to billing, CLIPitc will streamline your business and allow you to get back to what’s important.

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