Do you want the freedom to be your own boss, create your own culture, and accomplish your life dreams?

Have you ever dreamed of working outdoors in a time-proven profitable industry?

Did you know that with the right systems you can manage a Beautiful Business from the beach?

Have you already started your own lawn company and need some advice for the next step?

We want you to be successful as you start a lawn care company.

Learn how to start your business from practically nothing and build it up to the income generating machine that you envision.

Here we hope to teach you how to bring in repeat customers, which equipment is best for your new business, when to start your business, what types of employees to hire, the marketing strategies that really work, how to manage your business, what to do during the winter months and what it takes to create a beautiful business.

The First Thing To Consider In Lawn Care Business Partnerships

At the beginning of the partnership, take a moment to step back and think logically. Ask your partner what you’ll need to do if you decide to undo this partnership. Decide who will owe money, who they’ll owe the money to, and how much they’ll owe so that you can dissolve the partnership.

Small Business Owner’s Salary

Some small business owners that I have talked to have a hard time telling the difference between profit and salary. Owners take a draw from the company, so they don’t really understand how much they made until the end of the year. But for accounting purposes, you should always include [...]

The Newest Branch Of Clip Lawn Care – Murfreesboro, TN

CLIP Lawn Care in Murfreesboro just started this season and we've been growing and learning. Here is what we've learned about what it's like to start up a company in a brand new area.  Here are some of the things we found out in our new branch, and how we've [...]

Starting up a Lawn Company – Part 1

Ever wondered how hard it would be starting a brand new Lawn Maintenance company in a brand new state? Well at CLIP we are going to start walking you through every month in our newest branch's life. What CLIP Corporate Does: Every week Javi has a meeting with Green Industry experts that have already [...]

How Much Do You Pay Yourself As A Lawn Care Business Owner?

How much do you pay yourself in salary as an owner of your company? Do you take a percentage of the revenues? Do you have a set salary with a raise every few years based on profits? Alternatively, even worse, do you share the business account with your personal account and [...]

All In The Family – How To Build A Family Business In Lawn Care

My Grandpa's funeral is today, and few things can make me think more about a family business legacy than him. Is it worth it to have a family business? In some cases, family can be exactly what holds a company together. In others, it seems like a business can be what tears a [...]

How to Start A Lawn Care Company Without Cash

These days, most people shell out at least $10,000 to start a company or sign up for just as much debt or more!  Then if the season takes longer than you expected to get going, they are left in a lurch. Here at CLIP, we always recommend avoiding debt - [...]

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