Piecework is the difference between paying your people by the hour or paying them by the job.

If you pay your folks by the hour, think about what you’re doing.

When you hand them the paycheck, you’re essentially telling them “Hey, the longer you take, the more money I’ll pay you. And, if you can stretch out the work that I’ve given you for this week into more than 40 hours, I’m going to pay you time and a half!

That’s right; I’m gonna bonus you for taking longer! Isn’t that nice?”

Well, I’ve been on a couple of walks, and I see other landscape companies and I know which ones pay by the hour.

The one company that I saw just a couple of months ago, the guy was sitting behind a tree texting on his phone while the lawn mower was idling away. I can guess that he’s an hourly guy because he’s making the same money texting on his phone and working.

Don’t you think there’s a problem with that?

You may think that this is the way it always is. It’s the way everybody pays. But, it doesn’t have to be.

That’s what this blog is all about — is to try to improve and try to do things a little bit differently.

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