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The Newest Branch Of Clip Lawn Care – Murfreesboro, TN

CLIP Lawn Care in Murfreesboro just started this season and we've been growing and learning. Here is what we've learned about what it's like to start up a company in a brand new area.  Here are some of the things we found out in our new branch, and how we've [...]

Starting up a Lawn Company – Part 1

Ever wondered how hard it would be starting a brand new Lawn Maintenance company in a brand new state? Well at CLIP we are going to start walking you through every month in our newest branch's life. What CLIP Corporate Does: Every week Javi has a meeting with Green Industry experts that have already [...]

How Much Do You Pay Yourself As A Lawn Care Business Owner?

How much do you pay yourself in salary as an owner of your company? Do you take a percentage of the revenues? Do you have a set salary with a raise every few years based on profits? Alternatively, even worse, do you share the business account with your personal account and [...]

Ordering CLIP Forms

Did you know that you can buy pre-printed CLIP forms to use with your program? We partner with www.clipforms.com to serve all your business form needs from service invoices, to statements, to tax forms! Call them today to get 25% off and free shipping with your first order! What are [...]

All In The Family – How To Build A Family Business In Lawn Care

My Grandpa's funeral is today, and few things can make me think more about a family business legacy than him. Is it worth it to have a family business? In some cases, family can be exactly what holds a company together. In others, it seems like a business can be what tears a [...]

Create Your Lawn Care Marketing Plan – Promotion Part 2

Promotion can be done in so many ways in the Green Industry! You can market to customers through an online presence, as we mentioned last week, through advertising, signs, local markets and festivals, passing out flyers door-to-door, and in so many other ways! When you decide the best ways to promote [...]

Create Your Lawn Care Marketing Plan – Promotion Part 1

Promotion is the last step in your marketing plan, but also the most involved! Now that you got your products/services list together, determined your prices, and decided what area you want to work in - it's time to promote your company. This is often the hardest step because it involves [...]

How to Start A Lawn Care Company Without Cash

These days, most people shell out at least $10,000 to start a company or sign up for just as much debt or more!  Then if the season takes longer than you expected to get going, they are left in a lurch. Here at CLIP, we always recommend avoiding debt - [...]

Create Your Lawn Care Marketing Plan – Place

What place do you want to work in? In making our marketing plans for the new year we have discussed the products that you want to sell and the price that you want to sell them for. Now it's time to decide where you want to sell these products! Knowing [...]

Create Your Lawn Care Marketing Plan – Price

In setting up your marketing plan for 2016, having a price list is key! Now that you have determined what your product is that you're selling, you need to know what money you need to make for selling that product/service. Determine Your Man Hour Rating: Your first step in making the [...]

Create Your Lawn Care Marketing Plan – Product

Most business owners don't have a B.S. in Business Management or Marketing - they learn from experience!  Experience is always the best teacher of life - but it can be handy to review some of those business tools as you prepare to have an even better season next year. So [...]

Why Your Lawn Care Business Needs Business Insurance

Ever wondered whether you really need to get business insurance for your company?  We don't!  If you don't have business insurance now, it should be your #1 priority to get before the new year! Real-life Stories From "Lawn Maintenance and the Beautiful Business":  Progressive Insurance has a short list of [...]

When Do I Know I Need To Hire Employees For My Lawn Care Company?

Winter is a great time to decide whether you're ready to hire your first employee. It's also a great time to decide whether it's worth it! Green Industry companies across the board claim that employees are their biggest headache. A one-person show can only grow so big though - unless you [...]

Should I Buy New Trailers Or Trucks For My Lawn Care Business?

So you are putting together your list for new equipment for next year and thinking about a truck or trailer - added crews mean added equipment, right? The first rule, of course, is to pay cash.  If you can't afford it, you can't afford it - it would just hurt [...]

Does My Lawn Maintenance Company Need A New Mower For Next Year?

It's almost the end of the year!  If your company did well, that might mean it's time to stock up on all the new equipment, such as a mower, you want before January. Before you start making your list, remember, equipment is a DEPRECIATING (losing value) asset. Equipment is just [...]

Should A Lawn Care Company Discount Fall Clean Ups?

When you reach the end of the season, it's tempting to consider discounting your services to extend your season or to reach that end of year sales figure you created last January. You might be wondering why you can't get more of your customers to purchase Fall cleanups, and debating [...]

Do You KnowItAll?

Are you the company know-it-all at the office? Are you sick of answering the same questions over and over again? Do you find that you are always searching your email for information? How many times a day do your employees ask you questions that you've already answered within the past [...]

GIE+EXPO 2015 Recap – Cool New Stuff!

Here are some of our favorite new things we saw at the GIE show: http://clip.wistia.com/medias/ouua6wwtnt?embedType=async&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=600 We had such a blast sharing some of our Green Industry knowledge in our Beautiful Business Books, doing demos of CLIPItc, and sharing our resources from our own lawn company, CLIP Lawn Care LLC. Here [...]

How To Prove To Your Customer That Their Lawn Maintenance Was Done

Sometimes in the Fall when the grass isn't growing as fast, or the wind just blew a pile of leaves down 5 minutes after your guys did a leaf cleanup a customer might ask you to prove that you were there. Your knee jerk reaction might be, "Fine; you're fired!" However, [...]

The Federal H-2B Visa Program – How CLIP Lawn Care Finds Employees

What's the Deal with H-2B? The Green Industry is very seasonal in most areas of the United States. Finding legal, diligent, long-term, and yet seasonal employees can be a pretty big challenge. Are you having issues in hiring new employees and looking for a legal solution? CLIP Lawn Care solves [...]