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Artificial Lawn Corona

Pro Lawn has been a leading manufacturer and seller of artificial lawn in Corona since 1998. We offer the best price in Corona and offer unsurpassed design, installation, and warranty on our products. Our synthetic grass comes with natural-looking weaves, offering a truly realistic look and feel to your balcony, driveways, side yards, courtyards, etc.

Top Reasons To Choose Our Artificial Grass 

We produce the most pet-friendly artificial grass products on the market. Unlike other turf products, our synthetic turf is resistant to pet urine or other odors. When it comes to sub-par products, the primary reason for lingering odors is the poor drainage system. With several years of research and development, our turf products come with a 100% permeable ProFlow backing system that allows moisture to drain through the backing. Our drainage system ensures higher permeability than the usual urethane /latex-backed products.

Besides, our fake grass that looks real comes with a low pile height, increasing the overall density of the turf. The artificial grass we sell is more durable and makes it easier to pick up solid pet waste. We are also among the few affordable artificial grass installers nearby.

Top Reasons To Get Artificial Grass

Artificial grass can look aesthetically pleasing and provide your property with a lush green look and feel all around the year. Unlike natural grass, you no longer need to worry about brown spots or mowing them periodically.

Artificial grass turf is stain-resistant and is low-maintenance. You do not have to invest in harmful herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers to keep your lawn in good shape. As it is a flexible material, you can cut and install it anywhere you like, and they are 100% pet-friendly.

What To Look For In Artificial Grass

Once you choose to buy artificial grass, you must know what to look for in synthetic turf to ensure you get the best value. Here are a few qualities to look for in artificial grass:

  • Color

Artificial grass is not just a fake-looking dark green lawn ornament. It comes in a wide range of tones and includes strands of brown fiber. Besides, the best synthetic turf comes with ‘grass blades’ of varying heights to mimic the look and feel of a natural lawn. You can request samples of the different materials from the manufacturer to ensure that the grass you buy fulfills your requirements.

  • Finish

You want to opt for a turf that is sturdy, durable, and heat resistant but soft to the touch and with a natural appeal. Be sure to buy your product from one of the most experienced artificial grass installers and manufacturers for the best value.

  • Technology

Our turf system 100% encompasses a permeable backing system that limits exposure to moisture accumulation and prevents mold, mildew, and odors. We design and manufacture all our top products here in the USA using cutting-edge technology, a proprietary cooling turf system, and engineered fiber resilience.

Contact us at 855-508-2025 to buy pet-friendly artificial lawn in Corona at affordable prices. Pro Lawn has been serving the residents and commercial building owners of Corona for over 24 years. Our product’s unique characteristics make us the #1 artificial grass seller in California. Get in touch with us today.

Artificial Lawn Corona