How Reports Work In CLIPxe - Part 1 Webinar 1

Dave 2 goes over reporting and how to keep your reports clean and informative. GIGO means Garbage in, Garbage out. Make sure that you are recording the correct information (employee times, payroll information, # of times done, etc) so that you can get good information on your reports.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

How do you measure success?

Making plans and aiming for your goals are important. Most people struggle with defining how to track their progress. Today we’re going to talk about reporting in CLIP and how it can help you reach your goals.

Firstly, clearly define your goals so you understand what information to track.

Secondly, be sure that the information you’re putting into CLIP is accurate. If job times are not right, or employees hours aren’t punched correctly, the reports won’t be showing you the true data. Reports are like grades, they can tell you what is wrong and what needs fixed.

What Should I Aim For?

Everyone’s business is different. For instance, some of you might be looking to spend more time with your family versus some who want to expand their business.

Asking yourself a few questions can help narrow things down and define which reports will help you.

Firstly, what do your customers think of you? If you don’t understand how your customers see you, you’ll never improve.

Secondly, do I have the right employees? Sub-par employees can slow down productivity, and as a result, hurt morale. Using the employee efficiency report can break down who’s working hardest for you.

Next, where do we need to grow? A job costing report can show you which jobs are most efficient for you.

Couple that with understanding the type of work that can help you grow, whether residential, commercial, or landscaping. Knowing which jobs are most profitable for you can help you grow the quickest.

Lastly, don’t forget to understand what you’re doing right. Take the positive feedback from your customers and continue to build momentum with it.

What Should I Track in Clip?

Earlier, we talked about a few reports you can run to help keep you on track with your goals. What info do you need in CLIP to ensure these reports are accurate?

The top information to have is accurate times, employees, man hours, max number of times to do a job, charges for a job. Above all, ensure that this information gets entered in accurately for every single job.

Your team can utilize CLIP2go in the field so they can enter accurate information on the job. Waiting until they return to the shop can lead to unintended discrepancies.

Setting a clearly defined goal, making a plan to get there, and then utilizing reports in CLIP to measure your success are the keys to business.

In part two of this webinar, we’ll talk more about reports. We’ll dive into job costing, contract comparison, and other reports that tell you if you’re making money.