10 Facebook Video Tips That Your Lawn Care Company Can Use To Increase Engagement

These Facebook video tips will allow you to be dynamic and engaging and can help you showcase the personality and quality of your lawn care business. Also, video these days doesn’t have to cost money, so even on a flat budget, you can make a Facebook video for your lawn care business.

According to Pew Research, 69% of online adult Americans use social networking sites. That’s three in every four people that are clicking on Buzzfeed quizzes, seeing the messes your kids make and engaging online with people they’ve never met face to face.

79% of those users are on Facebook and an astounding 92% of them use the mobile app every day.  

According to Ooyala, more than 50% of videos viewed were done so on a mobile device. This is a huge opportunity for you to reach out and engage your customers, both potential and current.

Here are some Facebook video tips to market your lawn care company

Make it engaging  

You have 3 to 5 seconds to hook someone as they’re scrolling through their feed. Make it count by using “Pattern Interrupts”. Remember – When you interrupt people’s routine you have to make it worthwhile. Use humor, movement, or a plotline to grab attention. The trick is to take them away from the usual ebb and flow of their news feed.

Use captions

Facebook has adopted a policy that is very consumer-friendly, and when you scroll past a video, it’s muted by default. That’s great news for the consumer but bad news for lawn care businesses trying to use video to reach their audience. What’s the solution? Captions. If you add captions to your video by default, then it can remain muted while the person on the other end still “hears” what you have to say. It’s a great way to capture attention without being too aggressive.

Make the title catchy

I have bad news. If your video is titled “Mowing The Lawn.” I am likely not stopping to take a look. It isn’t because I don’t care about the work your company is doing, I have simply just seen more than one person mow a lawn. If the Facebook video for your lawn care business is titled “Mowing The Lawn In 5 Minutes,” however, I’m likely to stop. Even if you’ve sped up the video or done some time-lapse, the title’s much more interesting, and I may have never seen a mower move at 100 mph.  

Use square videos

This is simply a logistics issue. It makes sense that if you make a rectangular video, you can post it to more video hosting sites. But, if you post that same video on Facebook, it will take up a whopping 78% less screen space. Take a moment and search the top brands. What format are they using? It’s likely a square, and it will fill up just about the entire screen. If you’re like me, you’ll have to fight your instincts on this one, but in the long run, it’s better if you fill-up the entire space rather than 22% of it. Who’s watching Facebook videos in landscape mode?

Upload Natively

If you upload directly to Facebook, rather than linking to another video site, it’s more likely that Facebook will serve that video to an end user. They want their platform to succeed and making sure that you play by their rules is one of the best moves you can make when utilizing it. Also, if uploaded natively, a video will autoplay, no click or press required. If a video starts playing without a prompt, a user is more likely to stick around for at least a couple of seconds to see what it is and then you’re halfway to nailing the first tip.

Focus on one key point

Don’t get distracted – because your viewer will. If you have more than one message, make more than one Facebook video for your lawn care business, it’s that simple.

Go Live

Culture, these days, values live drop-ins on other people over most things. They want to share in the perceived “real life” of someone else, and that is an invaluable tool for Lawn Care companies. If you can show what “real life” looks like in your business and how you’re just like them and a part of the community. Live is also a perfect tool for lawn care businesses that have no sort of budget for marketing. All you need is a cheap, adjustable arm bracket for your smartphone and you’re ready for prime time. 

Preview your video with crafted copy

When you post a Facebook video for your lawn care business, you have to write text to go with it, so make it perfectly crafted for your audience. Your audience will change with each video you post, and you need to be sure that the text that accompanies your video matches not only their interests but is also representative of the content of the video and the “voice” of your lawn care business. Ultimately, the person viewing your video is only interested in the video, but far too often this copy is neglected. Make it a priority.

Make the thumbnail stand out

Let’s say you’re like me and have autoplay on videos turned off. What’s going to get you to stop and hit that play button? Is it the perfect copy that was written to amuse and delight? Possibly. It could just as quickly be the thumbnail of the video that would get you to stop and pay attention. If you pair that with the captions you gave your video, you may have an instant meme on your hands. If you’re interested in sorting out how to create great images, head over here.

These Facebook video tips won’t help anyone without a call to action

This would seem like a no-brainer, but far too often I see Facebook videos served with no clear Call To Action (CTA). Your video has a purpose, and if you’re properly telling a compelling story with it, you should also properly give the viewer something to do with it. As we’ve discussed previously, however, you need to keep it simple. Don’t ask them to do too much. A simple message to visit your website or Facebook page will do nicely.

The purpose of social media is to connect us and let us share dreams, challenges, and experiences. It’s a way to allow people to see through our lenses and for us to peek through theirs. There aren’t many people who like to be advertised to when they’re in this space, and as such, we need to be creative and authentic.

Showing off the heart of your lawn care business should be the goal, not merely boosting profits. The one will come with the other if you do it right.