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CLIP Training Opportunities

Thank you for using CLIP! We are very grateful that you have chosen the service industry’s leading software for scheduling, routing and job costing.

We are committed to your company fully benefiting from CLIP and its modules. As part of this commitment, we have a training coordinator dedicated full-time to provide you with the training you require.

Product Manuals

We offer very detailed product manuals that will answer your most basic questions on the use of the CLIP Program. These offer "best practices" for use of your CLIP Program. Click the Product Manuals link to be taken to the manuals.

Product Tutorials

We have creatd a number of very specific product tutorials on "how to's" for the CLIP Program. These are actual screen shots of the program and a complete walkthrough on how to perform specific tasks in the CLIP Program. These are videos that you can watch on your schedule. You can even use them as in-house training for your staff.Click on the Product Tutorials link to view the Tutorials.


We offer online webinars that showcase new features in the CLIP Program, business ideas and ways to market to your customers that goes beyond what is offered in the product manuals. We teach you how to use the CLIP program to it's fullest. Click on the Webinars link to view our Webinars.

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CLIP Classes

We hold a live, 90 minute online CLIP class every week. The class covers the basics – entering customers, setting up jobs, producing route sheets, recording work after it is done, billing, reports, and more. 

Onsite with a certified CLIP Trainer


One of the most effective methods of training is to bring a senior CLIP trainer to your office for one or two days. Our trainers work with your information in CLIP and other office systems, with your staff, in your environment.

Not only does this allow you to focus on your specific questions and training needs, each member of your staff is able to meet with the trainer as their schedule allows. Just as importantly, all CLIP trainers bring to the training experience in business consulting for green industry companies. This expertise enables them to make suggestion about business ideas and show you how CLIP can be incorporated into your whole business to add to your success.

Personalized Remote CLIP Training

A certified CLIP trainer can log on to your system and train your office personnel in your copy of CLIP using your data. While talking with you or your staff on the phone, the trainer can answer your questions and show you how to most effectively use your program.  These personalized training sessions can be for an hour or two-hour increments.  The trainer contacts you prior to the session to determine your training needs.

CLIP's Tips Blog

Knowledge is power.  Knowledge is a cornerstone to progress.  Knowledge allows you to gain an edge on the competition.  Business experts recommend that you spend at least 10% of your working time learning in order to advance your skills and stay up-to-date in your field.  Considering that, can you spare 20 minutes per week to learn the best productivity, business management and technology ideas out there?  Check out and subscribe to the CLIP’s Tips Blog.

Which is best for you?

Each of these training opportunities has their strengths and weaknesses. Classes are most economical, but have many students and cannot always deal thoroughly with your specific questions. Personalized training focuses exclusively on your needs, but cost more to bring the trainer online to you.

If you are brand new to CLIP, and there’s one that fits into your schedule, the class provides a great introduction and overview.

If you have several people to train, want to focus on specific aspects of the program in a more in-depth way, or learn one of the modules, personalized online training is ideal.

If you have a few specific questions you need to have answered to overcome an obstacle or move to the next stage of using the program, then online remote training covers this very well, and allows you the flexibility of one-hour increments.


Manuals, Tutorials and Webinars - Free

Classes – The 90 minute online class costs $90 per session or $300 for the entire 4 week course.  

Remote training is $150 per hour, plus the nominal expense of using gotomypc.com or other remote login software.

Onsites - please contact Bill.

For more information, please contact:

Bill Crawford
CLIP Training Coordinator
(800) 635-8485 x152